EKOLA group, spol. s r.o.

Jana Lucemburskeho 229, Uherske Hradiste 686 01
- measurement, solution proposals, implementation, monitoring:
- accredited acoustic laboratory (state - of - the - art equipment, 20 measuring devices
- traffic noise, noise walls and barriers, noise maps of towns and villages in GIS
- noise from stationary sources in outdoor and indoor environments (cooling towers, air conditioning equipment, elevators, transformer stations)
- noise in the working environment, categorization of workplaces
- building and room acoustics (air and impact soundproofing of structures, reverberation time)
- noise from premises
- noise from construction activities during construction
- measurement of acoustic parameters of technical products in own acoustic laboratory with soundless chamber (fans, motors, electrical appliances).

  • temperature sensors, conductivity measurement, regulators and pressure gauges, servo-motors and detectors, gauge installation
  • chemical laboratory services, physical laboratory services, technical laboratories service, agricultural laboratory services, medical laboratories

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