Hatea, s.r.o.

K Olsine 333, Pardubice VII - Trnova 530 09
Business of entity has been terminated.

  • women's clothing, men's clothing, children's clothing, garments for cycling, ski jackets, ski equipment, cycling equipment, sports jerseys, thermal underwear, sports drinking bottles
  • silver jewellery, gold jewelry, steel jewellery, precious stones and gemstones, costume jewellery sale, jewelry repairs, luxury pens
  • ladies' blouses, denim trousers, silk shirts, round skirts, A-shaped skirts, summer dresses, winter anoraks, autumn coats, formal jackets, summer swimwear and bathing suit, summer skirts and shorts, short sleeve T-shirts, women's bras, underwear and underclothes and lingerie
  • women's lingerie, men's underwear, children's underclothes, women's bras, ladies' knickers and panties, women's thongs, men's boxer shorts, mens' briefs, nightwear and nightclothes

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