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PRIMA PACK s.r.o. is a company from the Czech Republic, Member State of the European Union, which focuses on the sale of disposable plastic packagings used mainly for food products. You can choose from a wide range of packaging materials - from plastic or paper cups, small trays, plates, bowls or punnets up to drink cups and pizza boxes. All containers and products are designed for fast food restaurants, buffets or kiosks. We operate not only in the whole Czech Republic, but also abroad.

Wholesale and sale of food packagings:
- Wrappers for confectionery and gastronomy
- Aluminum packagings/wrappers
- Polypropylene containers (with and without printing)
- Packagings for cold meals
- Thermo cups and bowls
- Disposable tableware
- Drink cups
- Disposable plastic and paper plates
- Bowls for chips
- Small paper trays
- Paper cups
- Buckets, pails, small buckets
- Plastic cutlery
- Menu-boxes
- Hamburger-boxes
- Lunch-boxes
- Boxes for pizza, cakes or pastry
- Thermo cups for drinks
- Grill trays
- Plastic packagings with and without safety-catch.

All the packagings can be printed according to the customer's requirements.

  • paper boxes, cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, cake boxes, paper gift boxes, removal boxes, boxes for food
  • covering plastic films, construction foils, bubble wraps, LDPE and stretch films, plastic crates and boxes, plastic bottles and cans, plastic barrels and buckets, plastic containers

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Disposable paper plates, bowls, trays for food products, the Czech Republic

Disposable paper plates, bowls, trays for food products, the Czech Republic

Disposable paper tableware is very handy and could be used for food products, as well as for house or garden parties. So, if you too want to have less work and more fun, then contact the PRIMA PACK s.r.o. company, which specializes in the production of paper plates, bowls and trays, both for the whole Czech Republic and for foreign customers. Disposable paper containers for food are primarily intended for fast food restaurants, buffets or kiosks, but also for smaller purchasers. You can choose from: - containers for confectionery, cold meals and gastronomy - aluminum containers - paper plates, trays, bowls - polypropylene containers - thermo cups and bowls - beverage cups - plastic plates, bowls - pizza boxes. We supply our disposable paper containers throughout the whole Czech Republic and also abroad.