W.P.E. a.s.
Water Purification Engineering

W.P.E. a.s. provides wastewater treatment and surface treatment. Our priority is the supply of wastewater treatment plants for industry, transport and agriculture.
We also provide advice on water management and wastewater treatment.

 Our product and service portfolio:
- chemical waste water treatment plants
- water treatment
- reverse osmosis - production of drinking water
- galvanic lines
- pickling lines
- industrial process equipment
- biological waste water treatment plants.
- design, construction and manufacture of technological equipment.

The following equipment is used for drinking water production:
 softening, de - ironing, de - manganese and
ultrafiltration equipment.
The reverse osmotic module is used for the production of demineralized water and for the production of drinking water from sea water.
The hygiene security module is used to provide modified security
against possible germ contamination.
Reverse osmosis - drinking water production.

Our other services include:
 - design, construction and production of galvanic plants, pickling lines and lines for glass frosting.
We provide:
 - complete lines
 - process water production plants
 - wastewater treatment plants
 - preparation of project documentation and training of line operators.

Biological waste water treatment plants.
The new MBWWT series of biological wastewater treatment plants is characterized by light aboveground construction, wide possibilities of modifications, expansion and intensification of operations and last but not least
possibility of relocation of the treatment plant.

Biological waste water treatment plants
Membrane bioreactor
Intensification module units MBWWT - membrane bioreactor
Modular system of biological WWTP with MBR.

In 2009, our drinking water production units were imported to Africa - Mozambique and at the beginning of the next year we carried out on-site assembly and training of local staff.

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