Giometal kovovýroba

We are a Czech company GIOMETAL s.r.o. from Brno providing services in the area of air conditioning and metalworking. We supply our products to the Czech market as well as to other European Union countries. We have been active in the market since 2003, when we started to engage in the production of ventilation and air-conditioning components, followed by metalworking a few years later. Our products are high quality. For the work, we use modern forming machines.
We will help you to create the initial design and manufacturing documents according to your ideas. During the production itself, we are able to respond flexibly to any changes. Before the shipment, we store the products so as to prevent them from damage or deterioration.
Respectability and a professional approach to clients are natural for us. Our advantage is time flexibility and quick response to your requirements.

- Pressing of metals
- Production of pressings on eccentric and hydraulic presses
- Design and manufacture of pressed tools
- Welding of steel and stainless steel
- Surface treatment
- Manufacture of ventilation/air-conditioning piping
- Laser cutting
- CNC plasma cutting
- Processing of steel and stainless steel
- Spiro piping
- Welded steel piping

Surface treatment:
- Powder coating
- Hot-dip galvanizing
- Tin plating
- Chromium plating
- Phosphatizing
- Nickel plating
- Blackening

Czech Companies:    



Engineering plants and metal fabrication


Metal surface finish treatment




Welding work


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