ProMedica spol. s r.o.

ProMedica spol. s r.o. in Prostějov there is a non-state medical facility in which we run a diagnostic center and mamological counseling. We use ultrasound, mammography and computed CT tomography.

Diagnostic Center:
- Computerized CT tomography
- interventional neuroradiology under CT navigation
- intervention interventions
- PRT, squirts
- ultrasound, ultrasound examination
- ozone therapy - periradicular ozone therapy of LS syndromes under CT control
- ozone treatment
- Skeletal osteoporosis examination
- mammography, mammography examinations
- mammological clinic
- diagnostics using invasive and non-invasive methods

You can find another store in Olomouc:
Na Sibenik 914/1
779 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic
Tel.:585 413 961

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ProMedica spol. s r.o.


E.Valenty 3969/19
Prostejov 796 03
+420 582 366 068

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