Mikes a spol s.r.o.
Jidelna Mikes

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Mikeš a spol s.r.o. is a newly renovated dining room in Opava, which offers food delivery and import. It also distributes lunches around Opava and its surroundings to households and companies.

It prefers a healthy diet and offers a rational diet as part of the daily menu. It specializes in the production of sandwiched baguettes and subsequently its distribution.

Mikeš s spol. also provides sales of potatoes in bagged packaging:
- 10kg
- 25kg.

As a gift for your loved ones offers gift vouchers in any value.

Delivery and distribution company mediates by 13:00 hours:

- serving on plates from 11:00
- delivery to food carriers from 10:30
- export of lunch from 9:30

On the company website you will find the current menu with a list of food allergens.

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Mikes a spol s.r.o.


Vrchni 86/30
Opava-Katerinky 747 05

+420 608 082 999

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