Prochazka Pavel

Novy Svet 129, Morkovice-Slizany 768 33
The activity of our company producing basketry goods and semi-finished products continues the tradition of basketry in Morkovice, which dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. We are engaged not only in the production and sale of basketry, but we also organize basketball courses and schools, and in the Basket Museum and in our company we will be happy to introduce you to the secrets of growing and processing willow. We grow, buy and process green willow wicker, from which we then produce wicker products, such as gift baskets, baskets, trays, baskets, coasters, trays, laundry baskets, flower pots, lampshades, tables, chairs and much more. We also weave demijohns with wicker. We do not use any colors. We paint our products with an ecological transparent varnish for children's toys. You can view all our products and then buy them on our e-shop.

  • sales of apartment decorations, metal hangers, home stands, decorative tables, decorative home ceramics
  • courses for the public, art courses, music education classes, cooking classes, self-management courses, alternative medicine courses, massage lessons

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