GALVA s.r.o.

  • tinning and blackening, decorative chrome plating, anodizing and phosphating, galvanic nickel coating, sanding and polishing, hot-dip galvanizing

  • construction machinery, building mechanisms, construction cranes, construction bulldozers, steam rollers

  • automatic feeders, dosing of raw materials, vibrating needles, application equipment, dispensing systems

Company GALVA s.r.o. provides services in the field of metal surface treatment and galvanizing. We galvanize iron parts, zinc or even cast iron castings. Our galvanizing shop operates in Prostějov with a branch office in Olomouc. We can arrange all orders for the locations Olomouc, Brno, Přerov and the whole Czech Republic.

Metal surface treatment, electroplating:
- galvanizing - chromate blue, yellow, thick-film passivation, sealing varnish, work on hinge up to maximum
length 2500mm
- bulk galvanizing - maximum load 60-80kg
- galvanizing in an alkaline cyanide-free bath
- Zinc plating in weakly acid chloride bath
- galvanic surface treatment of metals
- galvanization
- galvanizing
- galvanizing.

Phosphating or next-generation baths that produce high-quality surfaces:
- phosphating line with the possibility of metallization both on the hinge, in the basket and in bulk in the drum
- manganese phosphate (the coating, which is able to reduce the risk of gearing seizing, has high heat resistance)
- zinc phosphate (coating suitable as a surface prior to subsequent painting or as electrical insulation).

The company works in a certified system
quality according to the ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2008 certificate.

Rental of building machinery:
- block saws
- Two-way vibrating plate
- Two-way vibrating plate
- vibration plate accessories
- hand guided vibratory rollers - smooth
- vibratory rollers
- tandem vibratory rollers
- soil vibratory rollers
- vibratory rammers
- air-borne aggregates
- Dryers
- dehumidifiers
- compressors
- Compressor accessories
- power generators.

You can find the plant in Olomouc at:
Lazecká 70a
774 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic

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