Plastpol, s.r.o.


CNC výroba

We are PLASTPOL s.r.o. (Ltd) from Nova Ves near Nove Mesto na Morave, which deals with custom and serial CNC machining of plastics, wood, aluminum and other non-metallic materials, as well as their milling and turning.

Our services:
- custom and series machining of non-metallic materials
- preparation of semi-finished products and production of 3D models
- prototype production
- processing of large-format sheet material
- turning of rotary parts
- laser cutting and engraving
- milling of aluminum parts
- plexiglass and polycarbonate avers
- bending of plexiglas, polycarbonates
- countertops
- creation of drawings according to the supplied sample or sketch
- precision cutting on shears, sciccors
- CAD / CAM design work
- production of promotional eems

We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality order, skilled employees and a precise understanding of our customers' requirements and needs.

CNC milling and turning, piece and series production of wooden, plastic and aluminum parts:

- aluminum machining, production of handles, aluminum parts and other machine parts - simple shapes or plates of large formats or machine parts and more complex parts

- laser engraving of inscriptions, logos and design patterns, machining of plastics - design and decorative pieces to order, cutting of clear materials with polished edge of any cut-outs and engraving of any logo, inscription, ornament into plastic, aluminum or wooden base for business promotion

- machining of wood and agglomerated materials, 3 and 5-axis CNC centers - shaped parts, structures, table tops or shape model

Custom production of prototypes for various industries:

- large-scale production for engineering, refrigeration and automotive industry - molds, ridges, line for conveyor belts, rails, heads, models, reinforcement and various components

- original gift and promotional items

CAD / CAM engineering, modeling in SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDCAM:

- we create materials for the production of the most complex parts and components

We provide a complete production process, from consultation over drawings and project, through the processing of 3D visualization, to the production of models and subsequent prototype.

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