KMB barvy, s.r.o.

Sokolska trida 301/116, Ostrava - Privoz 702 00
Telephone: +420 725 324 776

Company KMB barvy, s.r.o. z Ostravy - Přívozu specializes in the sale of coating systems and paints for construction and decorative treatment of interiors and exteriors from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers. We focus on interior colors, facades, synthetic, mixing these colors, wood coatings and varnishes of quality brands Het, Tikkurila, etc.

The right type of paint and its specific shade can be found here by all handymen, painters, construction companies and architects.

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We provide:
- painting and varnishing
- facade coatings, plasters
- gypsum squeegees
- decorative techniques and coatings

The range of specialty paint shops of KMB barvy, s.r.o. you will find:

Paints and preparations:

 - penetration and universal dispersions, classic clay paints, abrasion resistant dispersion paints, washable dispersion paints, insulating paints, tinted and decorative dispersion paints, special dispersion paints, tinting paints, antifungal agents

Wood coatings:

 - impregnants and wood preservatives, primers, enamels, wood glazes, oils and waxes, varnishes, mordants, cleaning agents

Coatings for metal surfaces:

 - primers, self-primers, top enamels, silicone refractory inks

Cements, adhesives, building and painting raw materials:

 - masonry and plasterboard sealants, wood sealants and adhesives, polyester sealants, silicone sealants and adhesives, contact and epoxy adhesives, PU foams and adhesives, MS polymers, wallpaper adhesives, building materials

Facade paints and plasters:

 - acrylic, siloxane, silicone, silicate paints, acrylic and silicone plasters, mosaic plasters

Concrete coatings:

 - water-soluble, synthetic, epoxy

Thinners and solvents:

 - synthetic, epoxy, polyurethane thinners, cleaners

Sprays and auto spray:

 - basic paints and fillers, top acrylate enamels, marking, fluorescent, temperature resistant and special sprays, car paints

Tools and accessories:

 - brushes, paint rollers and facade rollers, paint rollers, paint rollers, holders, telescopic rods, masking tapes, masking foils, spatula, spatula, trowels, abrasive materials, protective working aids, other tools

Company KMB barvy, s.r.o. supplies paints and other accessories of the highest quality brands, such as Dulux, Luxol, Colorlak, Tikkurila, Ceresit, Patex, Het and Primalex.

It also deals with color mixing according to NCS 2, Eurotrend, RAL, Ral Effect, Tikkurila Symphony, Opus I and II, HET Impuls, Facade Economic and others in a total number of more than ten thousand shades. Allows the rental of swatches at the store.

Another product that can be purchased from us are HG cleaners that clean, protect and beautify. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use for:
- mold,
- waste,
- sediments,
- stainless surfaces,
- kitchen worktops,
- hotplates,
- limescale,
- showers and toilets,
- wood,
- paving,
- garden furniture,
- facades, and lots more.

Reg. No.: 28606132
VAT No.: CZ28606132
District: Ostrava-mesto
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: limited company
Employees: up to 5 employees
Turnover: 185 thousand - 370 thousand €
Contact person: Kamil Biskup

+420 725 324 776
+420 596 110 178

+420 596 110 178



Contact persons:
Kamil Biskup

Working time:
Po-Pa 7.00-17.00, So 7.00-12.00 (pouze od 1.3. do 31.10.)

GPS: 49°51′8.86″ N, 18°16′39.86″ E

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