Ing. Stanislav Vacik

Hornomecholupska 277/2, Praha 10 - Hostivar 102 00
HARSOFT deals with technologies for water treatment. We provide projects and supplies of equipment for industry, housing units and boiler rooms. We provide reconstruction and modernization of operations, we have extensive experience in servicing treatment plants of various configurations and outputs.
We also run an online store where we sell goods for water softening or disinfection, pipe filters, dosing pumps, including accessories.

Activity, services:
 - water treatment for residential units, boiler rooms, small technologies
 - service of water treatment equipment
 - reconstruction and modernization of water treatment plants
 - treatment of hot water distribution, boiler water, cooling circuits, liquidation of bacteria
 - projects, supplies of water treatment technologies for industry
 - control of technological processes, visualization, PLC programming, industrial PCs
 - Chemical dosing, production and installation of dosing sets
 - sale and delivery of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Within small technologies we provide:
 - water analysis
 - analysis of the results of the water analysis
 - design of water treatment solutions
 - supply, installation, installation of water treatment equipment
 - supply of ecological cleaners
 - installation of water treatment equipment
 - analysis of treated water samples
 - service of water treatment equipment.

 - softening filters, water softening goods
 - water disinfection, UV lamps
 - Iron removal filters
 - pipe filters
 - filter accessories
 - OPTIM MULTI multifilters
 - filter material, cartridges
 - Chemical pumps.

If you have problems with hard water and you are looking for a company that will design, supply and install water softening equipment, please contact us. We will be pleased to offer you our services, we are based at Hornoměcholupská 277/2, Prague 10 - Hostivař.

  • plumbing products, plumbing pipes and fittings, plumbing stop valves, plumbing accessories
  • project documentation, wastewater treatment plants, ecological studies, environmental protection
  • chemicals for industry, multi-purpose chemicals, petroleum products, industrial solvents, industrial phosphates, degreasing fluids
  • water connection installation, pipeline cleaning and rehabilitation, water and sewage pipeline cleaning, regeneration of dug wells, water quality, water supply

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