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  • laboratory measuring apparatus, revision measuring apparatus, accessories to measuring technology, decibel meters, speedometers

KRALgroup – an association of individuals which sells and manufactures instruments for measuring electrical quantities.

From our catalogue you can choose:
Electricity meters:
- for DIN rail (single and three-phase, direct and indirect, 2- and 4-quadrant)
- mobile and special
- RFID and GSM.

Electric network analyzers:
- for mounting on a DIN rail
- AC & DC.

Analog devices:
- with & without signalling.

Transducers of electrical quantities:
- measuring transducers of current and voltage
- isolators
- programmable.

Current measuring transducers:
- threaded or slide-on for round conductor
- for official verification.

- differential, insulation and measuring
- insulation transformers for hospitals.

- AM-Spot for home chargers and charging stations
- charging cables and sockets
- plug samples
- CP communication units.

Equipment for marine berths and camps:
- electricity meter in connecting cable
- racks and switchboards for mobile connection.

Interfaces and remote meter readings:
- Ethernet (Internet-TCP gateways)
- RS-485
- 2.4 GHz RF
- M-BUS and MODBUS-Profibus-EIB/KNX
- Relays (optimization of delivery)
- optimization of order
- software.

Camp-Card systems

Synchronization devices

Digital instruments and loggers

Other instrumentation and control:
- multiple remote control (HDO) receiver
- street lighting control.

Within our services, we offer accounting, economic, tax, corporate, business, and financial advisory, as well as bookkeeping.

We also provide electrical design and software engineering for the application of energy management systems.


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High-quality electricity meters for everybody
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