FPV technika s.r.o.

Popinecka 249/21, Vratimov 739 32

  • lorries and trucks, towing vehicles, box trucks, tarpaulin trucks, platform trucks, dump trucks
  • electrical switchboards, vibration technology, concrete burnishers, laser measuring technology, electrical hand tools, building and earth movement machinery
  • construction machinery, earth moving machines, building cranes, construction excavators and diggers, construction rollers, building lorries and trucks
  • second-hand utility vehicles, trucks with extensions, tipper sales, wide selection of trailers
  • mobile crane rent, load handling, mobile cranes, cranes with operators, crane works at heights
  • used motor vehicles, used car import sale, automobile repurchase, pre-owned car shops, second-hand cars and lorries
  • dustbins and containers, waste separation containers, cleaning vehicles, litter bins, road barriers, maintenance of roads
  • blade cultivator, mulch harrow, subsurface ploughs, rollers and compactomats, self-loading transporters

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