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  • soldering and welding, stainless welding, firm welding, aluminium welding, gate and fence welding, welding school

  • single-phase welding inverters, under-voltage welding machines, current welding machines, welding accessories

A.V.D. soldering s.r.o. focuses on brazing and its problems in the vicinity of Opava and Ostrava. We will offer you a large selection of solder materials, Flux, Ecoflux and flame soldering accessories such as burners, liquid flux vaporisers, solder pastes, oxygen and hydrogen gas generators.

We will gladly provide you with any of our products and services:

- fluxes for brazing and soft soldering
- solder pastes
- Flux liquid fluxes
- soldering technology
- flame brazing technology
- solder dispensers in paste
- liquid, liquid ecological, non-toxic fluxes - Flux, Ecoflux
- deoxidants for solders - soldering of aluminum, steel at low temperature
- soft soldering deoxidants in the form of liquid or paste
- solders for brazing - aluminum, steel, copper and brass
- solders for soft soldering - tin solders for use with acid or neutral flux.

We also offer evaporation systems. You can choose a flux in the form of a paste, powder or liquid deoxidant for flame brazing. Solder pastes:

 - industrial
 - copper
 - chrome - nickel
 - containing silver
 - copper - phosphorus
 - aluminum
 - tin
 - brazing and soft soldering.

Soldering is carried out using various technologies:

- flame brazing
- Hip Hop Soldering
- furnace brazing
- induction soldering
- soldering in hydrogen atmosphere.

There are many ways of brazing including:

- soldering with active solder
-Vacuum brazing aluminum
- soldering in controlled atmosphere
- soldering the honeycomb seal
- soldering in continuous / band furnace
- soldering in reducing atmosphere
- repair filler soldering
- vacuum soldering.

If necessary, contact us and we will be happy to advise you or offer solder according to your specific needs. We look forward to working with you.

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