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Pohrebni sluzba Praha

Funeral service Helfi s.r.o. is one of the most important funeral services in Prague.

We provide comprehensive funeral services.
Funeral services can be arranged in your home.
In this way we want to relieve you of a difficult life situation.

We will advise you what is necessary to ensure the funeral.
Our staff will come to your home and agree with you all the details.

We will arrange for you an economic funeral, a funeral without a ceremony, a cremation without a ceremony or with a ceremony, a farewell in a funeral home or a church, placing the deceased in the ground, as well as incineration.

Services we provide:
funeral services, funeral ceremonies, funerals without and with ceremonies, funeral ties and flowers, funeral notices,
provision of coffin, urn, priest, orator, parte, carriage with horses, selection of music wreaths and more.

We will print your party and print mourning ribbons.

We also provide transportation of the deceased from abroad and abroad.

Here you will find the security of professional services and the ethical approach of our employees.

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