Hodinovy manzel Brno

Hourly husband of Brno known as Seniorservis performs minor repairs and reconstructions, repairs of flats. Assembly of furniture, painting apartments, saving water using aerators. Location Brno and its surroundings.

Detailed specifications of the work we perform:
- small household repairs
-painting flats - painting work
-painting, wallpapering, wallpapering
-washing windows
-cleaning services
- flooring - floating floors and linoleum, laminate flooring
- revitalization of granite, slate and ceramic floors
-fitting furniture
- minor repairs of furniture
-assembly of kitchen units
-change of kitchen countertops
-i partial renovation of kitchen units - replacement of doors
- drilling in concrete up to 13mm diameter
- drilling in ceramics and other tiles
-assembly of pelmets, shelves and the like
-We perform complete maintenance of real estate, apartments and offices.

We carry out repairs and maintenance:
- rented flats in exchange of tenants
-Assistance with moving
- small plumbing
-electric work
-preparing flats for demonstration - real estate agents
-complete reconstruction of apartments
-building family house, houses
- masonry work, water distribution networks, electric heating
-fitting underfloor heating and solar panels
-Assembly of alarm systems and alarms
-mounting sensors and alarms for CO2.

Construction work:
-We provide construction of houses on a turnkey basis
-complete reconstruction of houses
-finishing work in the construction of houses or reconstruction of apartments
- founding gardens
- construction of fences and fences
- Reducing financial costs of buildings under construction
- supply and selection of the most suitable and cheapest building materials
- tile work
-paving work
- laying pavements of interlocking pavement and all other materials
-foundation and construction of swimming pools
- evaluation and control of budgets, costs and invoices for buildings
-building supervision Brno, Brno-venkov, South Moravian Region
-Maintenance and revitalization of graves monuments and granite, ceramic tiles.

Energy-saving aerators - new !!!
A new way to make a real contribution to environmental protection while reducing the costs of water sewage and water heating by up to 70%.
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