Stolarna Santo, a.s.


Výroba dřevěných kabelových bubnů

Stolarna Santo JSC. firm is a company from the Czech Republic, a member state of the European Union. It focuses on export, manufacturing and sale of wooden cable reels. We also specialize in decorative reels and tables made of reels that enliven your house or garden.

Production, woodworking, custom manufacturing, supply and carrying out:
Wooden cable reels
- Are manufactured from diameter of 400 to 2600 mm and delivered in assembled or dismantled state
- Solely softwood in thicknesses of 22-50 mm is used for production
- Standard reels
- Wooden cable reels with a steel rim (manufacture to order only)
- Decorative reels and tables made of reels (suitable not only for gardens but also for wine bars, garden seating, interior).

Transport of cable reels is provided by truck or train.

We also produce in our joinery workshop:
- Garden houses to order
- Gazebos, pergolas, car sheds to order
- Saunas
- Interiors for restaurants, hotels, banks, for noncommercial spaces
- Wooden staircase (straight, spiral or with a banister)
- Wooden windows and doors, Eurowindows, Eurodoors
- Solid wood furniture
- Wooden products
- Wood drying
- Processing of our own material.

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