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Car service.
Repair, installation:
-repair, replacement of parts of quality world brands
-all mechanical repairs - gearboxes, engines, chassis
-engine diagnostics
-preparation and provision of MOT
-manual cleaning of cars (exterior and interior)
-assembly of security devices.

Tire service:
-replacement of tire repairs, used tires.

-accessories for your car
-new tires, aluminum wheels
-used tires.

Inspection, inspection of vehicles, cars:
-control and adjustment of lights
-chassis inspection and wheel suspension
-control of cuffs and half-axles
-Check the condition of the exhaust pipe
-visual inspection of shock absorbers, their protective sleeves and bearings
-check the battery condition with a load meter
-Charging control
-Checking the coolant
-Checking the brake fluid
-control of brake discs, pads and linings
-for all car brands, reading faults from the control unit.

  • vehicle diagnostics, general engine overhauls, motor oil replacement, repairs of transmissions, shock absorber replacement, car service
  • operation of car washes, car washing, car wash services, vehicle care
  • tire services, sales of summer tires, changing of motor vehicle tires, winter tires
  • winter tyres, summer tyres, tires for cars and vans, tires for motorcycles, bicycle inner tubes, bike tyre valves
  • sale of car spare parts, car accessories sale

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