Jana Novakova

Janackova 6 (tram. zastavka Stodolni), Ostrava - Moravska Ostrava 702 00
Center for health and smart weight loss.
Instrumental unique diagnostics on the basis of which we determine the ratio of fat, muscle, water and other important parameters.
Evaluation of the current diet and lifestyle, determination of the ratio of macronutrients and micronutrients, evaluation of biochemical examination.
Programs for natural and permanent weight loss, health and maintaining vigor into late age under the guidance of a nutritionist, doctor and psychologist.
Programs for managers to increase high physical and mental performance with the setting of a plan directly tailored to each client with a low specific-dynamic effect.
Unique consultancy directly tailored to each client with replenishment of energy for the whole day.
Part of the programs is shopping for healthy food with an explanation of the nutritional values of food and their optimal preparation.
Nutrition specialist for children.
Nutritional specialist for cancer, diabetes, hyperacidity and other diseases of civilization.
Specialist in body detoxification.
Expert in BIO supplementation.
A specialist in food and its preparation with the preservation of all nutrients.

- Železniční 469/4, Olomouc - Chválkovice.

  • services of specialized doctors, therapy and therapeutic sessions, preventive health checks, gynaecology and obstetrics

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