Interiery Danko
Pavel Danko

Painting, varnishing, wallpapering, varnishing, masonry, construction work, Venetian stucco, Znojmo, Brno, Ivančice, Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou, Třebíč, Moravské Budějovice
-sale of home wallpaper
-gluing and sale of decorative moldings
-decorative painting technique
-inner plaster
-coating facades
-paintings of office and school premises
-reconstruction of interiors, bathrooms
-tiling work
-specialization for decorative painting plasters by Oikos
-painting services
-painting windows, facades
-paintings of offices

Dress your walls in fashionable wallpapers and colors!

I focus on modifications and reconstructions of interiors and exteriors.
I will advise you on the choice of colors, wallpapers, decoration techniques, Venetian stucco, tiles, paving, etc .. We work cleanly: During the painting and masonry work itself, I make sure that the space is as clean as possible. I provide a guarantee and quality for all work!

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Gagarinova 35
Znojmo 669 02
+420 602 936 388

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