BAST CZ s.r.o.

The company BAST CZ sro, based in Kuřim, is engaged in the production and assembly of trusses, wooden formwork and formwork on glass furnaces. We also specialize in the supply and implementation of roof structures. In this context, we also provide comprehensive craft work in the field of roofing, plumbing and carpentry. We operate mainly in the South Moravian Region.

We supply trusses and roofing materials for all types of roofs to construction companies and individuals. The technology of production and assembly of the roof truss structure, which was created by the joining of trusses with contact plates, allows to quickly and economically build a roof of any shape, which is practically indestructible. In this area we also focus on the production of turnkey roof constructions for family houses as well as industrial and commercial buildings. We provide all roofing, plumbing and carpentry work. We also provide complete reconstruction of roofs. We are specialists in the repair and construction of flat roofs - we reliably ensure their waterproofing using modern technological solutions.

Other activities of BAST include wood production and timber supply. Custom manufacture and supply of wooden formwork and formwork for glass furnaces. We supply custom-made and impregnated timber designed primarily for construction purposes to individuals and construction companies.

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