Kovosrot Kubik s.r.o.

Kovošrot Kubík s.r.o. based in the area of the former Zbrojovka Vsetín buys and processes all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and secondary raw materials. At the same time, it specializes in the ecological disposal of car wrecks and vehicles, as well as the purchase of scrap metal and electrical waste.

Purchase and processing of metal and other waste:

 - ferrous waste, steel of all classes, cast iron, stainless steel
 - non-ferrous metals, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, lead, zinc, tin, metal mixtures - prices according to current LME data
 - Al-Cu cables
 - iron and non-ferrous chips
 - car batteries - with acid, lye and other fillings
 Ecological disposal of car wrecks
 - handling requests for removal from the register
 - acceptance, processing and ensuring ecological disposal of vehicles

 - collection, purchase, recycling of electrical products
 - we buy: appliances and electronics, electrical scrap, switchboards, contactors, circuit breakers, transformers, office and computer equipment, desktop and mainframe computers, printed circuits, semiconductor components, processors, connectors and others
 - we do not buy: monitors, televisions, fluorescent tubes, refrigerators, freezers, equipment containing PCBs, mercury and other dangerous substances, biologically contaminated material

Sales of spare parts:
 - spare parts from car wrecks

Services (up to 30km free):
 - possibility of container delivery at the customer's site
 - ensuring the loading and removal of waste using its own technology
 - ensuring the dismantling of technological units and equipment for disposal (including waste disposal).

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Kovosrot Kubik s.r.o.


Jasenicka 2102
Vsetin 755 01

+420 605 544 069

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