E-expert, spol. s r.o.

The company E-expert, spol. s r.o. focuses on providing expert consultations for environmental projects.
As part of these consultations, we process this documentation.

 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
 - the most important environmental impact assessment for new projects
 - We have been dealing with EIA in the long term
 - we follow the development of laws and implementing decrees - we are able to react quickly and professionally

 Integrated prevention (IPPC)
 - evaluation of the facility as a whole with all aspects of its impact on the environment
 - according to the relevant decrees, we prepare and apply for an integrated permit, including the preparation of the necessary annexes (dispersion, noise study, etc.)

 Air and climate protection
 - our core product
 - we constantly monitor technical and legislative changes
 - We are engaged in a wide range of consulting services:
   - dispersion studies
   - expert opinions
   - emission reduction programs
   - quality improvement programs
   - operating rules
   - monitoring plans

 Environmental subsidies
 - we focus on the Operational Program Environment (OPE)
 - complete support in axes:
   - improving air quality and reducing emissions
   - sustainable energy sources
   - reducing industrial pollution, environmental risks

 Environmental projects
 - we cooperate with a wide range of experts - ensuring a comprehensive solution:
   - emergency plans
   - waste management plans
   - energy concept
   - environmental maps
   - enginnering
   - delivery of instruments

 New GIS equipment
 - extension of services in the field of geoinformatics
 - ArcGIS for Desktop software for processing spatial data and various map outputs
 - Spatial analyst - toolkit for spatial modeling and analysis



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