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Our company is engaged in surface treatment, renovation and coating of surfaces. Industrial wet and powder paint shop, blasting, sandblasting, dry ice cleaning.

The most common surface pretreatment prior to the use of paints or thermal spraying. It is used mainly in metals and products made of steel structures, but also in concrete, facades, stones, cladding boards etc. We are equipped with heavy machinery for handling large parts. We are blasting steel bridges, structures, concrete tanks and bridges, feed mixers, agricultural machinery and equipment, lifts and many others. We also blast veterans. We have many years of experience with the fine blasting of veterans where these sandblasted vehicles may be damaged.

Zinc coating
Metallization is the application of metal coatings by hot spraying. It protects steel and other metals from rust. Galvanizing will prolong the metal several times. The sprayed surface must be pre-blasted. We use materials: zinc, zinacor, aluminum, copper and brass. We metalize steel bridges, tanks, pipes, agricultural machinery, lifts, semi-trailers and car parts, veterans and more.

We paint from small parts to large constructions and trucks. Our varnishing box has dimensions of 4, 5 × 4, 5 × 18m, so it can easily fit a trailer and buses. We choose the coatings according to the customer's wishes. We provide spraying, high pressure spraying and coating.

dry ice
Dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly, fast and efficient method and can be used to remove various types of contamination. It can be used in the automotive, electrical, food, engineering, chemical, repair and transport industries and other areas.

We remove graffiti from bricks, facades, tiles, marble, stone, wood, glass, plastic, metals, trains, buses, etc. We use non-chemical, environmentally friendly methods of microabrasive granulate.

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