Roolltex s.r.o.
Prodej latek, galanterie

Brantice 381, Brantice 793 93
Rooltex s.r.o. is a company from Brantic which specializes in the sale of various substances. In the Haberdashery section we have footwear and clothing, fashion, seasonal, children's, spectacular and elastic and swimwear. All our fabrics are available in various colors and materials for versatile use.

We operate throughout the Moravian-Silesian Region and we are happy to serve customers from the surroundings of Opava, Bruntal, Ostrava, Krnov and Olomouc.

Sale, wholesale, retail, e-shop:

 - substances
 - knitwear
 - elastic fabrics
 - active substances
 - decorated fabrics
 - swimwear
 - tracksuit - sweatpants (padding)
 - Kamátkovina
 - rear
 - velvet
 - satin
 - chiffons
 - organza
 - viscose
 - lace
 - holograms - substances with a hologram
 - tulle stitches
 - sequins (sequins)
 - latex
 - artificial leather
 - cotton canvas
 - elastic shirts
 - cloths for sportswear
 - reflective - neon substances (illuminated in UV)
 - sewing fabrics with functional materials
We sell fabrics for sewing formal dresses, dance dresses for formal costumes and clothing and for casual fashion, theatrical costumes and wedding dresses.

Furthermore, for sportswear - cycling, cycling jerseys, gymnastics, gymnastic jerseys, figure skating jerseys, swimwear.

You can also contact us to send a physical sample of your chosen material.

In addition to fabrics we will be happy to provide you with all kinds of haberdashery where you can find:

- Lingerie lace
- borts, tapes
- modistic crinoline
- fringe
- feathers
- plastic buckles
- Buttons and applications.

  • metal belt clamps, decorative sequins, plastic beads, organza and laces, buttons, glued stones, leather haberdashery

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