SPIRALIA, s.r.o. - nadnormativni zasoby

Prikop 27/2a, Brno 602 00

  • manual tools, pneumatic tools, workshop equipment, electrical tools, floor-laying tools, rotary tools
  • electric cables, power adaptors, rechargeable batteries, home switches, house sockets, motion sensors, frequency converters, electrical conductors
  • high pressure cleaning equipment, hydraulic pumps, sump pumps, piston-type compressors, screw compressors
  • forklift trucks, conveyor belts, handling equipment, roller conveyers, band conveyors
  • heat engines, internal combustion engines, electric motors, series motors, fluid motors, rotary engines, linear motors, oscillatory motors
  • hoses and pumps, pipeline valves, switchboards and connectors, filtration units, drives and units
  • metal working machines, metal milling machines, metal bending machines, metal shaping machines, metal processing machines
  • ferrous and copper materials, steel and stainless material, aluminium material, metal sheets and plates, pipes and tubes, metallurgical products
  • roller bearings, ball bearings, plain and sliding bearings, spindle bearings, bearing units, link chains, sprocket wheels, roller chains, sleeve-type chains, motorcycle chains, forged chains

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