STAKO Cerveny Kostelec s.r.o.

Lhota za Cervenym Kostelcem 393, Cerveny Kostelec 549 41
We also provide building activities. Complete turnkey home delivery.
 - architectural and engineering activities
 - preparation of buildings, execution of buildings
 - Real estate activities
 - complete supply (general contractor)
 - family houses and holiday homes
 - shopping centers
 - production and assembly halls
 - reconstruction of buildings of all kinds
 - rental of building mechanisms
 - road transport.

 - sale of loose materials (sand, gravel) from our warehouse in Červený Kostelec, including transport

 - Assistance in handling a mortgage loan
 - legal services
 - negotiations at the Cadastral Office
 - engineering activities during construction
 - preparation of project documentation
 - preparation of documents for planning permission and building permit
 - cooperation in the occupancy permit procedure.

  • domestic cargo transport, internal transport of agricultural commodities, domestic trucking, domestic railway transport
  • sales of building materials, distribution of dry plaster mixes, distribution of concrete bricks, gravel and sand pits, quarrying
  • sheet metal roofs, slate slabs, burnt roofing tile, ridge tile and plain tile, asphalt coating, wooden shingle
  • construction designs, building plans, plans of construction fixtures, one-family house designs, design of block of flats, commercial buildings designing
  • housing developer project, housing association, residential complex, sale of flats, construction of housing units
  • office buildings, commercial buildings, shopping centres and malls, public buildings, health care facilities
  • production halls, petrol stations, technological structures, production capacity designing, energy centres
  • reconstructions of sanitary cores, plasterboard works, complex electrical installation works, flat modernisation
  • vibratory and compaction machines, aluminium towers, ceiling formwork, small tools, levelling device, assembly platforms

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