KOH-IN s.r.o.

Lipnicka 5, Hranice IV - Drahotuse 753 61
Wholesale, retail, eshop Echemie:
- wood protection - Lignofix
- pool chemicals
- disinfection
- Hydro isolation
- construction chemistry
- geotextiles
- paints varnishes
- Tectane car cosmetics.

  • paint mixing, interior paint sales, exterior paint sales, paint distribution, sales of water-resistant paints
  • coating systems, jointing materials, flexible sealants, adhesive sealants, cleaning chemicals, penetration coatings
  • coating compounds, wood paints, wood varnishes, special paints, facade paints, concrete paints
  • disinfectants, fungicidal and insecticidal preparations, sodium nitrite, chromium trioxide, hypochlorite and urea

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