Klasterni officina
Ing. Marek Motycka


Přírodní bylinné sirupy

Klasterni officina (Monastic Officine) continues tradition of medieval monastic pharmacies. The aim is rediscovery of forgotten recipes and financial support of restoration of the important cultural and spiritual centre of the Benedictine monastery.

Range of products:
Herbal syrups:
-aronia (chokeberry)
-bilberry (blueberry)
-black elder
-ginkgo biloba
-grapefruit seed
-Goji - wolfberry (Lycium chinense)
-sweet balm
-autumn herb blend
-sea buckthorn
-St.John's wort
-green tea
-winter spice blend

Herbal liqueurs:
-Benedictine elixir:
The composition of herbs and spices has invigorating and stimulating effects, overall harmonizing the whole organism. It helps to start positive mechanisms in the human organism aimed not only to eliminate problems, but also to gain new positive energy and well-being. It improves physiological processes and positively affects the digestive system.
-aniseed liqueur
-caraway liqueur
-rose liqueur
-sea buckthorn liqueur
-cranberry liqueur
-elderflower liqueur.

Ion drinks (sports drinks) IONTIX:

Side cold sauces:

Fruit spreads:
Fruit spreads from date fruits:
-date with lemon; with cinnamon; with ginger; orient.

Fruit spreads flavoured with herbs and spices:
Mint with lemon, sweet balm with lemon, ginger with orange.
Fruit spreads from flowers of roses, elder, lime and hibiscus.

Gels, ointments, washing powders:
-MANUX washing paste with sage
-Benedictine balm
-comfrey balm
-chestnut balm
-sugar free lozenges with extracts of medicinal herbs.

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