Exportní balení strojního zařízení

Sander Support Logistic Ltd. company located in Frydek-Mistek in the Czech Republic, which is also a member state of the European Union, is engaged in forwarding, packaging, unloading and loading of goods. It provides following services within its activities operated not only in the Czech Republic (in Moravia e.g. in Frydek-Mistek, Ostrava, Karvina, Trinec, Hranice, Olomouc, Prerov and Zlin) but also in Slovakia and abroad (e.g. in Poland)

- Export packaging of shipments providing protection from damage during transport and handling and from negative effects of air humidity
- Carrying out directly at customer''s place or in our own premises
- Drafting of transport packaging with emphasis on individual specifics of a particular shipment
- Production, delivery of suitable packaging material
- Packaging of machines for transport in wooden crates
- Packaging on wooden platforms or pallets
- Aluminium foil packaging for overseas transport
- Use of anti-corrosion preservatives, impact indicators and moisture absorbers
- Treatment of wood packaging material against pests
- Fastening to vehicles or loading into containers

Packaging in a heat shrink film
- Highly resistant film of polyethylene containing fire retardants and protecting against UV rays
- Various thicknesses and thus ability to withstand weather influences
- Packaging of machinery, products of heavy engineering industry, means of transport
- Quality protection of transported goods, cost reduction, minimization of consignment weight

Container stuffing:
- Unloading and loading of containers
- Securing against movement
- Transshipment in other means of transport (truck, railway)
- Forklifts with capacity of 10 t, 16 t and 26 t
- For standard palletized goods and piece shipments
- For non-standard and heavy shipments
- Special handling equipment

Complete industrial plants:
- Relocation of individual machines
- Relocation of entire technological lines
- Unpacking, unloading, installation, including accessory systems
- Loading - high capacity forklifts, cranes
- Cleaning of machinery, repainting, refurbishment

- Continental and overseas transports
- Transport of containers, machinery, oversized shipments and heavy loads
- Export and import customs clearance

- Stowage and storage of goods and materials, machinery
- Temporary storage of relocated machinery
- Premises for machinery cleaning
- Additional insurance of stored equipment

High-lift truck rental
- High-lift truck with loading capacity of 16 t
- Short-term and long-term rental
- Transport of the high-lift truck, including an operator, to its destination
- for the Czech Republic: Frydek Mistek, Ostrava, Valasske Mezirici, Hranice na Morave, Trinec
- For the Slovak Republic: Zilina, Trencin, Prievidza, Martin
- For Poland: Bielsko Biala, Tychy, Katowice, Rybnik

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Themes: transport packaging of machinery, goods, heat shrink film, loading, unloading of containers