The supplier Sander Support Logistic s.r.o. based in Frydek-Mistek in the Czech Republic, which is also a member of the European Union, deals with forwarding, packaging, unloading and loading of goods. As part of its activities, which it provides not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad, Slovakia and Poland, we will take care of:

- export packaging of shipments providing protection against damage during transport and handling and against the negative effects of air humidity. We implement directly at the customer or on our own premises. We will prepare the design of the transport package with emphasis on the individual specifics of the shipment.

We also focus on the production and supply of suitable packaging material. Packaging of machines for transport in wooden crates, on wooden mats or pallets and aluminum foil for overseas transport. We use anti-corrosion preservatives, shock sensors and desiccants. We provide treatment of wooden packaging material against pests and fixation on vehicles or loading into containers. Packaging in heat-shrinkable film. This film is a highly resistant polyethylene film containing flame retardants and UV protection. It is characterized by different thickness and thus the ability to withstand the weather. Possibility of packaging machinery, products of heavy engineering industry, means of transport. It ensures quality protection of transported goods, cost reduction, minimization of shipment weight.

As part of containerization, we will take care of unloading and loading containers, we will secure the load against movement. We will also take care of transhipment to other means of transport (truck, railway). We have forklifts with a capacity of 10 t, 12 t, 16 t, 26 t and special handling equipment. Suitable for ordinary pallet goods and piece shipments as well as for non-standard and heavy shipments.

The area of investment units includes relocations of individual machines and entire technological lines. Unpacking, unloading, installation and assembly of additional systems. We load with the help of high-capacity forklifts and crane technology. We provide regular cleaning of machinery, paint renewal and overhaul.

We specialize in continental and overseas shipping of containers, machinery, oversized and heavy shipments.
We will take care of export and import customs clearance.

You can also contact us if you need storage and warehousing of goods and materials, machinery, temporary storage of relocated machinery. We provide space for cleaning machinery and additional insurance of stored equipment.

Rental of a forklift truck with a load capacity of 12 t and 16 t. There is a short-term and long-term rental. As part of the service, we will take care of the transport of the truck, including service to the destination.
For the Czech Republic: Frydek Mistek, Ostrava, ValasskA© Mezirici, Hranice na Morave, Trinec.
For SK: Zilina, Trencin, Prievidza, Martin.
For PL: Bielsko BiaA‚a, Tychy, Katowice, Rybnik.

Rental and rental of crane hanging scales KOCS10, which is suitable for stable weighing up to 10000 kg. It features a robust industrial design, protected by a metal housing, equipped with a remote control and a red LED display. Low eye-hook weight, minimal shortening of the crane lift height.

Rental and rental of a C-hook for a crane, which has a load capacity of 8 tons, is used for crane handling of coils and pipes. It can be used for loading and unloading coils, pipes, sheets, steel structures and other long parts into a container.


transport packaging of machines, heat shrinkable, shrink foil, loading, unloading of containers Czech Republic


Packaging of machinery and goods for export – export packaging to protect shipments from damage the Czech Republic

Packaging of machinery and goods for export – export packaging to protect shipments from damage the Czech Republic
If you need to protect machines and goods against damage during shipment, please contact Sander Support Logistic s.r.o. in the Czech Republic, dealing with export packaging, which will protect your shipment from negative effects. Our company specializes in the export packaging of goods, thanks ...

Assembly and dismantling of machineries, packaging and transport of machines, the Czech Republic

Assembly and dismantling of machineries, packaging and transport of machines, the Czech Republic
Assembly and dismantling of machineries as well as packaging and transport of machines is carried out by the Czech company Sander Support Logistic s.r.o. Machine packaging can be carried out either at the customer's place or on our company's premises on the address Příborská 1585 in ...
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