Vernerice 202, Hrob 417 04
Company BOHEMIA-HOTWORK s.r.o. offers service work of glass and industrial furnaces. We provide drying of lining foundries, fluid boilers and other industrial boilers.
Our services include furnace maintenance, tempering and tempering of furnaces, discharge of furnaces with regulation of glass outflow, drilling, cleaning of furnace regenerators from sulphates, replacement of electrode holders and mounting of thermocouples.
We use state-of-the-art measuring technology for the furnace tempering, high-performance hot-air gas firing burners and fans ensure the necessary overpressure in the furnace, including the construction of a new or repaired melting unit.
We also provide cleaning and smelting of sulphate furnace regenerators, installation of new electrodes, drilling of various openings during operation of the furnace for installation or replacement of thermocouples.

Service, repair, maintenance of industrial and glass furnace:
 - tempering and de-tempering of glass and industrial furnaces
 - Filling the furnaces with hot shards
 - discharge of furnaces with regulation of the glass outflow
 - cleaning of sulphate regenerators of furnaces
 - melting of regenerators
 - replacement of electrode holders
 - mounting thermocouples
 - replacement of bubble nozzles and thermocouples
 - core drilling during furnace operation.

Our service staff also inspects and adjusts the furnace anchoring. We have extensive experience in repairs and servicing of glass and industrial furnaces, we have been operating on the Czech and foreign markets since 1985. Our establishment is located at Verneřice 202, Hrob, Teplice district.

  • glassworks kilns, ceramic kilns, surface finish kilns, china firing kilns

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