EZ INVEST, s.r.o.

Prazakova 1008/69, Brno-Styrice 639 00
We are an independent insurance brokerage company that will provide you with all comprehensive insurance services. We are in market since 2001 and we are a member of the largest domestic grouping of insurance brokers RENOMIA NETWORK. Our main activity is mediation, administration and continuous supervision of clients' insurance, optimization of insurance coverage, risk assessment etc.

We offer insurance:
-board member liability
-technical risk
-construction and assembly
-software and e-business
-abduction etc.

  • life insurance, injury insurance, travel insurance, health and life insurance, pension and life insurance
  • insurance consultancy, insurance broker services, free representation of citizen interests
  • household and real estate insurance, payment of damages, financial compensation, natural disasters, theft and vandalism
  • third party insurance, accident insurance, insurance payment, compensation for damage, statutory property damage insurance

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Insurance of company's property, the Czech Republic

Insurance of company's property, the Czech Republic

The EZ INVEST, Ltd. company is located in Brno and offers its services to companies. These are insurance of companies, entrepreneurs and individuals. We are in close cooperation with the most renowned insurers. We strive to find the best solutions for our clients. Property insurance, natural disaster insurance, theft and vandalism insurance, glass insurance, boat insurance and trade fair and exhibition insurance. More information at our website.