Lukas trade s.r.o.
Kovosrot Dvur Kralove

Slovany 3051, Dvur Kralove nad Labem 544 01
Kovošrot Dvůr Králové mainly deals with the purchase of secondary raw materials. Other activities include ecological disposal of car wrecks, dismantling of technological units and purchase of unneeded stock.

Ecological disposal of cars, car wrecks
- repurchase of car wrecks
Ecological disposal and removal of immobile car wrecks. Documentation processing - issue of a protocol on acceptance of a car wreck for ecological disposal

We recycle the following wastes: metals, paper, plastic glass and biowaste.

 - disposal of waste from tree felling and trimming with wood chippers
 - we cut branches and trunks from tree trimmings, hedge branches up to 250 mm in diameter

Purchase of secondary raw materials
- iron, scrap, metals, paper
- non-ferrous metals - stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, zinc, bronze, lead
 - we buy chips and fragments of non-ferrous metals

Disposal of technological units, including dismantling, removal and disposal.
We dispose of metal structures in agriculture, all types of cranes, boiler rooms, bridge structures, waterworks, tanks, silos, halls, operations and all equipment and technologies. and various other machinery.

Sports and gym
- fitness center
- sauna

Sale of coal
- black, brown, briquettes, pellets

Sales of gravel, sand, aggregates, gravel

  • installation of waste basket networks, waste separation, waste disposal, direct recycling, indirect recycling
  • scrap repurchase, scrap collection, environment-friendly disposal of wrecks, metal scrap reprocessing, waste processing and disposal

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