REKMA, spol. s r.o.

  • road construction, tramway line construction, tunnel digging, bridge reconstructions, street repairs

In the field of repair and maintenance of asphalt and cement-concrete surfaces of highways, roads, airports and bridges, the company REKMA, spol. s r.o. has built a strong market position - providing you with professional road, road and road repairs, including watering cracks, repairing and watering joints as well as elastic bridges.

The company REKMA, spol. s r.o. is known not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Serbia.

We introduce new technologies and experience not only from CRAFCO Inc. We also use high-quality CRAFCO machinery as well as mechanisms and tools from CEDIMA, HILTI and others to maintain and repair road surfaces.

Maintenance and repair of various types of roads, road surfaces, highways, airfields and bridges:
- cutting and potting cracks concrete, asphalt (milling, penetration, application of grout, potting without overlapping)
- cutting and watering of new and existing joints concrete, asphalt (repairs of wide joints, repairs of rail tracks surfaces)
- bridge bolts concrete (elastic). asphalt (elastic and spring)
- repair of concrete (repair of potholes, broken corners and edges, repair of surfaces at drainage gutters, repair of surfaces at sewerage manhole covers), asphalt (repair of potholes and net disintegration, ecological repair of potholes and net disintegration, repair of surfaces at sewer manhole covers, drainage gutters)
- treatment of concrete surfaces (protection and treatment with building chemicals), asphalt (protection and treatment with emulsions)
- grinding and grooving of concrete, asphalt
- anchoring of cement-concrete slabs (concrete)
- resonance crushing of concrete (concrete slabs)
- high friction surface HFS
- demolition, demolition work.

Exclusive representation of Crafco for Central Europe. CRAFCO materials are of high quality in the field of warm grouts.

REKMA is a holder of the following certificates:
- EN ISO 9001: 2001
- EN ISO 9001: 2009
- EN ISO 14001: 2005
- CSN EN OHSAS 18001: 2008.


CRAFCO Inc., International Chem-Crete Corporation, ASI Ltd.

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