Skladka pod Haldou, s.r.o.

Na Rovni 849, Rtyne v Podkrkonosi 542 33

Reg. No.: 25295080
VAT No.: CZ25295080
District: Trutnov
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: limited company
Employees: 6 - 25 employees
Turnover: 370 thousand - 1 851 thousand €
Contact person: p. Chmelíková Monika

  • building demolitions, dismantling of constructions, demolition of building parts, rehabilitation of buildings, disposal of technological equipment, construction debris disposal
  • water line digging, sewerage digging, underground utility construction, construction of surface roads, pavement and sidewalk construction, landscaping and ground work
  • waste management, refuse collection, secondary raw materials treatment, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, disposal of car wrecks

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