SONOTEC s.r.o.

  • building security, protection of people and property, security equipment, warning signalling, parking systems, barriers and turnstiles

  • temperature sensors, conductivity measurement, regulators and pressure gauges, servo-motors and detectors, gauge installation

Company SONOTEC s.r.o. is a technology company that develops and manufactures measuring and diagnostic equipment for industrial applications, laboratories and healthcare. Its main products include compressed air flow meters, industrial gases and leak detectors.

We develop and produce products for the following areas:

- ultrasonic technology
- medical technology
- technologies for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries
- Technologies for the petrochemical industry
- pipeline technology
- mechanical and power engineering technologies
- Technology for automatic systems
- technology for non-destructive testing

Our flowmeters, in conjunction with our other product - the ultrasonic leak detector - enable users to fully control their compressed air consumption and thereby achieve significant cost savings.
Another area of our activity are liquid flowmeters for measuring very small flow rates and bubble detectors in liquid, with the possibility of installation non-invasively, by sliding onto an existing tube. The main fields of application are medical and laboratory technology.
Last but not least, we also produce an assortment of ultrasonic sensors, including surface level gauges for liquids (level measurement through the wall of the tank) and surface detectors for pipelines.

Production, delivery:

- compressed air and industrial gas flow meters
- a monitoring system for the production and consumption of compressed air
- Compressed air, gas and vacuum leak detectors
- diagnostic instruments for bearings and valves
- very low flow liquid meters
- bubble detectors in liquid
- ultrasonic liquid level sensors across the wall
- ultrasonic probes for non-destructive testing of materials and ultrasonic flaw detectors
- piezo-electric transducers for ultrasonic sensors

We focus on each customer individually. We will help you analyze your problem and solve it. We try to propose an optimal solution for each client. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, our products are not only of high quality but also at reasonable prices.


Sonoair, Sonaphone, Sonoflow, Sonocheck-ABD, Sonodew

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