Tomas Moravec - Bagr Trutnov

  • domestic cargo transport, internal transport of agricultural commodities, domestic trucking, domestic railway transport

  • international cargo transport, international transportation of agricultural commodities, international truck transport, international transport by rail

  • heavy current distribution systems, electrical wiring, wiring repairs, electrical equipment service, door bell wiring, intercom wiring, preparation of CATV wiring, Internet connection preparation

  • designing of gas pipelines, gas main installation, gas system installations, gas main repairs, maintenance of gas networks, gas equipment inspections

  • soil excavation, landscaping, earthwork for utility networks, loading and transportation of soil, strengthening of surfaces

  • water underground utilities, sewage utilities, water-service pipes, sewer connections, heat distribution, power distribution networks

  • oiled wastewater treatment plants, biological stale water treatment plants, plastic retention tanks

  • geotechnical survey, construction of underground walls, jet grouting, excavation work, foundation plates

The company Tomáš Moravec - Bagr Trutnov we perform all earthworks with a crawler and walking excavator. The services I provide include, the implementation of the foundations of houses, sewage, water, gas and electrical connections, landscaping or waste pits. We are located at Pomněnková 440, Trutnov.

Services, work:
- earth and excavation
- foundations of family houses and other buildings
- terrain work
- sewage, water, gas and electrical connections
- storage for swimming pools, WWTPs, septic tanks and waste sumps
- drainage ditches
- further work according to individual customer requirements.

Do you want quality and reliability? Then do not hesitate to use the services of Tomáš Moravec - Bagr Trutnov.

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Tomas Moravec - Bagr Trutnov


Pomnenkova 440
Trutnov - Horni Stare Mesto 541 02
+420 605 825 621

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