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BOSS Brno car paint shop Dušan Sedláček has been operating on the Czech market since 1999 and provides custom car painting, repairs and paint revitalization with an emphasis on well-done work thanks to regular training of its employees.

Among others, he specializes in Airbrush drawings with different motifs that can be applied to different surfaces or bicycle frames. For painting we use the highest quality paints from reputable manufacturers such as Standox, 3M, Sata, Illu color, House of Kolor. Painting is carried out in a special box WEIMANN, which ensures even drying of applied paint.

We provide auto-painting work in our paint shop we provide the following services:
- Custom painting of cars
- painting motorcycles
- painting car and moto vintage cars
- painting of plastic parts
- Custom and tuning lacquers
- renovation and polishing of paint
- repairs of car paints
- spot paint repairs
- reviving car paint
- plumbing and bodywork
- repair of damaged plastic body parts (plastic welding)
Painting of wheel frames:
-Painting frames and accessories of bicycles of all categories and materials

Painting of furniture:
- varnishing of furniture including aluminum profiles and glass from deep matt through all levels of semi-gloss to high 8-layer gloss
- painting of furniture parts
- painting of kitchen parts
- We only paint with professional varnishes that are characterized by high resistance
- the painted surface is hard, resistant to moisture and mechanical damage


- a gentle painting technique that creates its own motif, image, color spectrum, or a smooth transition from one color shade to another

We provide services from design through implementation. We completely and professionally paint and revive your car, motorbike, helmet, or bike frame.


Standox, 3M, Sata, House of Color

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