RSE Project s.r.o.


Bezpečnost silničního provozu

The main activity of RSE Project s.r.o. is a solution to road safety through proposals, projects, consultations, safety audits or safety inspections. We perform analyzes of accident sites, check the functionality of traffic signs, equipment, restraint systems and other road equipment. We also provide professional certification not only of roads and traffic signs, but also of barrier systems and road accessories. In contrast to the current offers on the market, we offer an expert assessment of the condition of these devices. Part of our company deals directly with design and engineering activities, primarily traffic constructions, traffic signs, traffic engineering measures, development of localities, constructions with roads related (land networking, sewerage ...).

- design - traffic constructions, traffic signs, new safety elements
- accredited testing laboratory - activities are test methods for measuring the functional parameters of traffic signs
- road safety inspection
- road safety audit
- we provide consultations or training in the field of road safety

You can find our services at Ruská 83/24, Ostrava.

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