Winremont s.r.o.

  • window glazing, glass cutting, wire glass installation, bent glass, glass ornaments, mirror cladding, stained glass

Glaziers in Šumperk - Winremont s.r.o., will take care of glazing, processing, framing and assembly of glass and double glazing. We sell glass and protective films.

In the field of glazing we deal with:
- framing, glazing
- machining, grinding glass
- sale of glass

Our focus is also the production of insulating double glazing.

We install window foils, which serve to protect the interior from the sun, UV radiation and thus by heating the interior.

We also provide glazing of balconies, loggias, conservatories using structures - frame and frameless system.

Frame construction - AluPlus system:
- made of clear glass 4-6 mm thick and aluminum profiles (IZO glass can also be used)
- minimization of heat losses, protection against adverse weather, noise
- lockable system
- the wings run on a rail
- insulating double glazing can also be used

AluVista frameless system:
- all-glass surface without dividing vertical frames
- clear interglazed seal
- sash made of clear safety tempered glass 6mm thick with cut edges
- minimization of heat losses
- protection against adverse weather, noise, dust

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