Industrial Starter Czech s.r.o.

  • men's walking footwear, children's walking shoes, seasonal shoes, sports shoes, formal footwear, all-leather shoes, home footwear

  • protective helmets, work gloves, safety goggles, welding helmets, welding shields, hearing protectors, protective masks, respirators sale, work aprons

  • vocational suits, protective gloves, safety shoes, helmets, personal protective equipment, uniforms and workwear

Industrial Starter Czech s.r.o. is a company selling personal protective equipment, Italian brands ISSA LINE, AKROBAT and INDUSTRIAL STARTER on the Czech market. We sell quality protective equipment, work clothes, work shoes and comfortable thermal underwear. Of course there is also the sale of head, eye and hearing protection products.

We are part of the Industrial Starter SpA Group, Industrial Starter Espana S.L and Industrial Starter Polska Sp zo.o, which sells merchandise to merchants who, along with quality and comfortable goods, also expect perfect service and cooperation in addressing individual end customer requirements.
We are business partners to all who have enriched their product range with quality goods designed by Italian designers, from workwear, leisurewear, footwear and other not only protective equipment.

Sales, distribution:
 - clothing brands Ansell, Centurion, Moldex, Dupont
- Protective equipment, work clothes, work shoes
- protective gloves, socks, thermal underwear, all work equipment at height and other accessories
- the products meet the requirements of the market, which is characterized by lightness, durability and comfort of the material.

Protective equipment is presented in the form of websites, catalogs and samples.
We have a storage area of 800 square meters, which we regularly supplement every week with demanded goods.

The priority and reward for us is the satisfaction of all end users, all our business partners.

New series of warning clothing in yellow design, high-quality leather insoles for safety shoes, safety glasses of the world brand BOLLÉ.

We only sell goods to merchants !!!

New catalogs can be found on our website.
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