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Company DIAMANT AK s.r.o. Brno provides a complete supply of entrance cleaning zones throughout the Czech Republic.
From consulting, design to subsequent custom manufacturing, sales and final professional assembly and detailed training on how to maintain the cleaning zones. Entrance mats for coarse dirt with material - aluminum mats, rubber mats, brush mats. Cleaning mats textile mats, coconut mats, logo mats, anti-fatigue mats, industrial mats, steel mats and anti-slip tape. Cleaning zones must have abilities - resistance to high load, high ability to catch small impurities, moisture and water.
 Production of modular mats with a collection tray designed for a large volume of dirt. Cleaning solutions for cleaning zones: recessed frames for placing mats in the surrounding tiles, treads for placing mats on the existing surface or lining textile mats.

The mats and cleaning zones supplied by us meet high aesthetic requirements and have a long service life. Many mats meet the requirements for protected escape routes (mats for SPA). We offer custom production and piece mats for everyone - from shopping center to apartment or family house.
With regard to the specifics of a particular entrance area, we are able to propose the most suitable solution, supply samples and prepare a tailor-made price offer. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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- ratchet systems
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