TENZA cast, a.s.

Foundry TENZA cast, a.s. from the Czech Republic focuses on the production of zinc castings and zinc alloys produced by die casting technology. We supply zinc castings in series production.

We produce precision castings from zinc alloys using die casting technology. Zinc alloys excel in high strength and dimensional stability is achieved during their processing. The production of zinc castings is also not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly due to the low melting point and recyclability of the alloys and also due to the high degree of automation. In the production of zinc castings, we combine conventional FRECH casting machines and ANGEL CAST multi-slide casting machines, thus achieving the highest quality and very low production costs.

We provide our customers with a complete supply of zinc die castings, from casting design, prototyping, material design, construction and mold assembly to serial deliveries of castings. We will also take care of the assembly and completion of parts, when the customer then receives the final product intended for direct installation. Castings are used in various industries, such as the automotive and electrical industries. However, the production of castings for the furniture industry is very important.

We also provide surface treatment of cast parts. As a standard, the surface of castings is treated by blasting with abrasive particles or tumbling in a vibrating tub with polishing bodies. If the customer wants a decorative appearance of the casting, we can provide the castings by applying powder paint, nickel-plating, or glossy or matt chrome-plating. We can also increase the corrosion resistance of zinc castings by galvanic or chemical surface treatments - passivation, alloy coatings, acid and alkaline galvanizing, cataphoretic coating.


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