Michal Cernohous

Nova 337/23a, Liberec X - Frantiskov 460 10

  • automobile body repairs, straightening of bodies, car-body construction, auto tinsmith services
  • painting of whole vehicles, car body painting, spraying of vehicle underbodies, spraying of vehicle cavities
  • car overhauling, automobile maintenance, complete car repair shop services
  • tire services, sales of summer tires, changing of motor vehicle tires, winter tires
  • technical inspection stations, exhaust-emission measurement, exhaust fumes measurement, technical inspection of automobiles, technical inspection of motorcycles
  • windshield repairs, damaged windshield replacement, windshield assembly, windshield dismantling, windshield repurchase, car solar control film
  • spare car parts, spare car batteries, spare car light bulbs, windshield wipers for cars, car air-conditioning parts, fuel hoses, automotive gaskets, automotive electronics, interior equipment of vehicles

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