EDUCA - Stredni odborna skola, s.r.o.

B. Martinu 1994/4, Novy Jicin 741 01
EDUCA - Secondary Vocational School, s.r.o. in Nový Jičín is one of the oldest private schools in the region and focuses on teaching in the field of tourism, economics and business or information technology. For our students, we provide not only full-time study, but also distance education, which they then complete by passing the school-leaving or final examination.

At our high school, we place particular emphasis on teaching foreign languages, caring for talented students and cooperating with practitioners. We use modern methods for teaching with regard to the development of the pupil's personality.

Fields of education:
Four-year study fields - full-time study:
- fields of education with a school-leaving examination (school-leaving examination)
- tourism and animation services
- computer graphics (information technology)
- sport management and healthy lifestyle (economy and business)
- business and law (economics and business).

Three-year study fields - full-time study:
- fields of education with a final exam
- reproduction graphic designer (graphic design)
- salesman (store worker).

Two-year extension field - combined (distance) study:
- business.

We always pay attention to the individual approach to students and to regular information and cooperation with parents.

Language courses:
- for children and beginners
- for moderate and intermediate
- English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Czech.

We also provide foreign internships for our students within the Leonardo da Vinci program (Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Turkey and Slovenia) or foreign internships in Croatia.

  • basic language education, secondary school language learning, language courses for the public, language lessons for children, preparation for language certificates, state language examinations
  • secondary professional orientation, education for professions, practical experience in the field, final school-leaving examination

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