JN stavitelstvi, s.r.o.

Maly Pecin 41, Dacice - Maly Pecin 380 01
Telephone: +420 722 127 060

Our company is focused on construction. We provide general construction supplies, reconstruction of buildings, construction of apartment and family houses and other construction work.
We perform extensions, build-ins, superstructures from construction work.
We insulate and repair facades, modify interiors, paved areas.

We provide ground and excavation work, we supply septic tanks and sand filters.
We also focus on the construction of utilities, sewers, water mains. We repair surface land reclamation (fields), clean the main land reclamation equipment and small watercourses.
We will repair dams, drain equipment for ponds, mud removal.

We provide transport by container vehicle incl. delivery of containers.
Provide project documentation, processing of building permits, approvals, and more.
We offer advice on handling subsidies, especially for municipalities and agricultural enterprises.

Our company is registered in the New Green Savings Program.

Construction work - construction of buildings, foundation slabs, monolithic structures, reconstruction, insulation, interior tiling and paving, sidewalks, interlocking paving, natural stone paving ...

Earthworks and excavations - excavations of foundations, landscaping, sewerage, water supply, gas pipeline, connections, cutting asphalt and concrete covers, paved roads ...

Water management work - replacements of ponds (eaters), fortification of dams, siltation of ponds, repairs of field land reclamation ...

We operate in the areas of cities - Slavonice, Jemnice, Moravské Budějovice, Jindřichův Hradec, Jihlava.

Reg. No.: 28124928
VAT No.: CZ28124928
District: Jindrichuv Hradec
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: limited company
Employees: up to 5 employees
Turnover: less then 185 thousand €
Contact person: Jiří Novák

+420 722 127 060



Contact persons:
Jiri Novak
tel: +420 722 127 060
email: jiri.novak@jnstavitelstvi.cz

Working time:
7:00 - 16:00

GPS: 49°6′25.45″ N, 15°27′19.48″ E

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