HAMROZI s.r.o.

Jablunkovska 857/50, Cesky Tesin 737 01
Craft work:
- plumbing
- heating
- gas.
Retail, sale:
- water heaters (storage, flow)
- boilers
- distribution in copper, plastic, steel
- ball valves
- fittings
- underfloor heating system
- radiators
- bathroom fixtures
- ceramics
- battery
- bath
- showers
- stoves.
Implementation of construction work in the field of insulation, window replacement.

  • sanitary ceramics, bath waste traps, bathroom valves, toilet modules, discharge troughs, floor drains
  • suspension brackets for tanks, sales of copper pipes, pressed pieces, de-aeration valves, safety valves, direct heating panels
  • plumbing products, plumbing pipes and fittings, plumbing stop valves, plumbing accessories
  • designing of gas pipelines, gas main installation, gas system installations, gas main repairs, maintenance of gas networks, gas equipment inspections
  • installation of heat distribution systems, local heating installation, installation of individual central heating, central heating installation, distance heating installation, underfloor heating installation
  • industrial water distribution systems, plumbing reconstruction, sewerage installation, reconstruction of sanitary units, water plumber
  • reconstructions of sanitary cores, plasterboard works, complex electrical installation works, flat modernisation

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