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- luxury business cards
- exclusive business cards
- standard business cards
- embossed paper
- embossing with metallic foil
- graphic designs and their implementation
- sales promotion pads
- mouse pads:

welded, sandwich, laminated, fabric, textile, gel and slim

Exclusive business cards - make a good first impression on your partners.
Take a look at our gallery at and choose your business card.

Sales support pads and signature pads - support your sales activities with a pad with your graphics on the shelves, on the shelves, at the cash registers.

We make mouse pads to order with our own advertising logo, photos and message.

Embossed embossing on paper, embossing with metallic foil - add exclusive elements to your business cards, invitations, diplomas, certificates, menus, diaries, calendars, covers, advertising materials, promotional announcements.

We will also prepare graphic designs and arrange printing for you.

Production of promotional items:
- POS pads with graphics for tables
- production of exclusive business cards
- embossing on diaries, calendars, covers, printed matter and promotional items
- printing of business cards (exclusive and standard), diplomas, certificates, meal vouchers and menus
- promotional and wedding announcements
- decorative envelopes
- screen printing
- Watermark printing
- blind printing.

Colored welded washers.
We create colored welded pads with sealed graphics between two foils. The bottom side is non-slip, the top side responds to an optical computer mouse. Images are printed using digital or offset printing.
Laminated and sandwich mouse pads have a rough surface with black rubber or PE anti-slip foam and matte foil on the top.
Fabric pads ensure flawless movement of the laser mouse on the board. If you want to give your advertisement a tasteful movement, use gel pads that contain floating objects and attract the customer.
Slim pads are flexible and resistant to scratches, water and mechanical stress.
We produce washers in rectangular shapes with rounded corners, round, oval, rectangular and atypical.

POS pads
Place your ad in the POS pad and keep the information in front of customers at all times. POS can be placed on cash desks, shelves and bars. It is possible to change the internal graphics. They are light, washable and adhere well to the surface.

We offer variants:
- welded on all sides with dimensions 45x20, 35x20, 42x30, 60x20, 17x12, 40x20, 50x30 and 30x21 cm
- slim in sizes 17x12, 40x20, 50x30, 42x30 or 30x21 cm.

Non-slip floor boards
You can also present the company with the help of non-slip floor boards, which, thanks to their weight, hold well on the substrate and retain their color for a long time.
As standard, we use CMYK color with a resolution of 300 DPI and a gradient of 3 mm. We pack the pads in 50 pieces in one foil or in pieces in a PE bag.

Business cards
We also produce prestigious business cards for a tasteful representation of their owner. They do not only transmit basic information, but display the overall image of the company and the individual.
We will create luxury flawless business cards with various embossing, printing, paper structure and text color.
We will design their graphic solution for you and we will also process your own design. The shape of business cards depends on your creativity. We cut and cut the paper using a laser or on a cutting machine.

We will prepare quality and beautiful promotional and wedding invitations and decorative envelopes for you to send to friends and acquaintances.
We print notices on paper of any size, color and structure. We add gold or silver embossing of the school logo and ornamental lettering to each promotional invitation. Then send the invitation in a decorated envelope.
We make decorations.
- blind printing, when the motif is embossed into the material. It is especially suitable for cardboards and diaries
- hot stamping using gold, silver, colored or holographic foil
- embossing with foils.

  • creative studio, 3D visualization and animation, Internet applications, webdesign work, advertising production
  • promotional items, advertising T-shirts, promotional writing implements, advertising notepads and mugs, promotional caps and bags
  • data transmission, output device, compact disc, printing services, inkjet and laser printer, offset printing
  • notepads and diaries, stickers, ball pens, markers, table calendars, staplers, office paper

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