SDM servis, s.r.o.

Stary Most 336, Most 434 01
Sales, assembly:
- terrace systems made of WPC material
- WPC fences

  • manufacture roof trusses, roof timber repairs, production of gazebos and pergolas, manufacture shelters and sheds, manufacture of wooden huts, log cabin production, manufacture of wooden houses
  • wooden structures, wood stairs, wood beams, building design, mobile dwelling, camper vans, recreational vehicles and caravans, wooden houses
  • construction machinery, earth moving machines, building cranes, construction excavators and diggers, construction rollers, building lorries and trucks
  • production process automation, ring placing, clarifying metal sheets, gravitation table, robot travel, charging trolley
  • industrial vacuum cleaners, automatic washing machines, squeegees and brushes, high pressure cleaning equipment, machines for carpet cleaning
  • chemicals for industry, multi-purpose chemicals, petroleum products, industrial solvents, industrial phosphates, degreasing fluids
  • electrical static lifting platforms, tilting forklifts, shear forklifts, electric tractors, cranes and hoists
  • volumetric chemical solutions, liquid scintillators, ph buffers, special solvents
  • manual electric tools, workshop tools, professional instruments, belt sanders, domestic do-it-yourself, cordless drills

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